Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back To Work

Its back in the office after 2 days of so called leave.. Well, there's not much to say but there's so much to do after i was not in.. Well, actually i tot that i've completed all pending tasks before going on that cuti tanpa rekod.. So, here i am again back at the office.. I have several feedbacks that i need to selaras.. Courses to plan, hotels to call and paper to write.. Then, i have letters to check and sign.. Aside from that i have a box of application to go through.. All in a day's work of a PTD.. Who says we dun have much to do? 

My plant is drying up and i need to water them.. While doing this update, i am compiling all the feedback i got from the states to be forwarded to the central agency. As usual i will start my day by pampering myself with a big mug of coffee.. Usually, this mug would last me a whole day.. Then, i'd go thru all the major papers to get myself updated on the latest happenings around the globe.. For the past 2 days, no news for me even from the telly.. So what i can see on todays headline? Keyword - numskull.. or what malay wud say tak sekolah punya orang.. Then as usual, i'll give a simple hi to my boss asking whats up for the past 2 days i was not around.. Getting all the information i need, i'd go on doing my own job.. By routine and also instruction.. 

Elliz has been very bz at work.. Her new job requires her to do so much, improving the mess that the consultant did while their managing the tasks that she's doing now.. I dunno how could a company claiming to be a consultant manage to do such aweful and horrible job?! U took money to do other people's job for them but yet u didn't do it whole heartedly... But still, u took the money.. How nice of u.. Now, elliz is stuck with ur crap..! Pity her.. 

After yesterday's ceremony, i can now have my confirmation completed.. I need to fetch my diploma and submit my application along with several forms.. So, as Ms Adni said.. Am not fully a servant until i have my confirmation. So, here goes...! Gonna get all this done ASAP...!

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