Thursday, February 19, 2009


Phrase Allah for he has given me the strength to continue what i am doing.. Phrase Him for giving me the ability to do what i am doing without complaining.. And most of all, phrase Allah for giving me the will to control my temper when i need to at the office..

Its been a very hectic month for me thus far.. Tasks has been piling up as i type.. I have given several tasks by the boss to finish with most of them have their own datelines.. As things progress i learned more about task management and time consumption.. I tend to bring back work rather than staying at the office doing them.. I dunno why but i see that i exhausted all my mental ability to think after i get at a near standstill.. Means that after office hour i can't call or liase with people that i need to.. So, i take all my desk jobs and do it at home..

I was browsing thru all my stuff and tasks when the boss comes in and tell me that i need to organize another course for the support staff.. Luckily, i had the idea all year long last year.. I have the paper all draft out and only need a number of phone calls to clarify the idea and details.. But, being not the 1st time preparing a paper on courses.. I know that i need to fulfil the needs of the participants along with the management.. So, i'm keeping all my hopes at a safe level so i wun dissapoint myself.. AGAIN!

Being in an office filled with mostly veteran or senior people, they tend to look down at u.. But, i am the type that dun giveup that easily. When i know i am right, i tend to look for proofs to support my arguement.. And alas, i found what i wanted and slowly approach the veteran to explain that i was right. I just can't accept it when people simply shoot their yap without thinking a word they said.. Dun just accuse people of things without checking ur fact straight..! Puas hati aku tadi! IN UR FACE!!

AM I BEING SELF CENTERED or SELF PROTECTIVE? I know at times i can't accept when people correct me (coz i always think i am right), but being here at where i am now.. I start to realize that i have ALOOOOOOT more to learn, especially from them.. So...

Buah cempedak di luar pagar
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan
Saya budak banyak nak belajar
Kalau salah tolong beri tunjuk ajar..

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Lady said...

Whoa~ snap! at once kena in his face~ hehe.. i like! same goes to me~ penat gile weyh melayan orang gilak yang hanya tawu nak tuduh2 neyh~ check dulu la kan~