Friday, February 20, 2009


The whole week has been a very interesting and an eye opener for me.. Had a few clashes with the titans over tasks soon to be completed, i have become a head hunter for all the tasks that is on my desk. Why? Coz i need feedbacks, fast! And these people dun seem to understand the urgency in this matter.. I have been trying very hard to hold my temper (like i said in the previous posts) and it all paid.. Phrase Allah for that...! Tasks due are picking up pace, very fast and people are starting to see me for what i am.. I may be playful at times but when it comes to work u dun mess with the zohan...! Its gonna get back to u, IN UR FACE!!

I went for Friday prayers with Ikhbal today and to my suprise the name list of our convocation for DPA has come out.. And its final (i guess) that the ceremony will be held on the 3rd of March at PICC.. Thank god, at last..! Now i can get my confirmation and carry on with my duties without having this loss soul thinking when is it gonna be.. Knowing this, i am now in cool mode.. hahaha smile all over this face of mine, for the rest of the day... For those who wanna know and read more about this, please make urself to the nearest PTD Portal.. 

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swit@kon said...

c u there mate! aku tunggu surat dan nak buat pengesahan cepat. hahaha