Thursday, February 19, 2009

Malaysia's Very Own Street Clowns

Yupp...! Thats what they are supposed to be called.. Saw 360 last nite on TV3, and they covered a story on street dance and how people around there look at this new trend.. Yeah, shuffle and this new French (yeke french?) dance, ones like breakdance or thump aren't IN YET with Malaysia youth.. I look at those kids (yupp! kids..!) ages between late primary and mid secondary school dances their sweat out on roadsides and it reminded me of what environment my kids gonna grow up in.. The people, peers, environment and culture (yes.. we're beginning to pick up those that's not our's).. It really worries me.. 

When u was in Uni, it was punk then there was pulp (no, not music but a trend). Later it was those skinny pants above ankle, later it was gothic.. Now this?!?!? None of the above are on my list of my kids' choice of life style.. Do i have to be a kind of parent that set all the choice for my kid, hoping that nothing goes wrong..? Or i give them the freedom of choice so IN UR FACE when ur choice isn't the right one? I dun think i have the heart to let them be if its the wrong choice.. 

Been watching the trend over the years, parents being protective of kids at school.. No, not against other pupils but against teachers.. And it makes me think, am i gonna be like that? Are we, as parents gonna punish teachers doing what they do..? I loath at those parents whenthis news comes out in the papers.. Coz i 've been through it all, the spanking (no, not the kinky ones), the curses and the name callings, but my parents never go against what the teachers' doing.. I am really really worried here.. 

I guess when ur overprotective some things might happen and vice versa.. Things that might catch u off guard.. So, guess right now i have to wait and see.. Coz things, people and time change..


I practically grew up with this show.. I mean all the CSIs - Vegas, NY and Miami.. Grissom, Mac Taylor and Horatio.. All have their pro and cons.. But i really love Vegas series, coz of the professionalism and less tension among peers.. NY has Mac as a distraction point while Miami has too much individual issues.. From the day they introduced Grissom, then they were split up into 2 teams and back again as one, from Brass was doing patrol till he's a captain now.. Hey! Did u know Grissom's character is loosely based on real life criminalist Daniel Holstein? Daniel Holstein is an actual CSI in Vegas.. Yeah...! Just knew bout in seconds ago.. hahah after all those years..! Duhh!!!

Last nite was the premier screening of Vegas' latest season. Actually, i watched it on DVD earlier than the screening but watching it on the telly is much more fun.. Its great to have them back on every Wednesday, to accompany my couch potato session.. The 1st episode was a really sad one.. Horation played his sad card really well especially when he said he missed Warrick.. I look forward for the rest of the season.. I can watch CSI on DVD 2 season in a row without ever feeling bored (did that!!)..

Can't wait for House to play on AXN.. Actually i've watched the new season too...! hahaha

p/s: Sara looks awful on her return...!

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eeqbalz said...


Thanks for the stopping by my bloggie.

I missed the Malaysia (Malay) street clowns scoop on TV3's 360. Couldn't bear to watch Malays making idiots out of themselves. No wonder other people are after our 30% rights (which until now as you rightly pointed by you, is still not within an arm's length or 1 km for that matter).

Yeah, I was young once, a fool too but never a fool or an idiot in public. Scrap the notion of anti-establishment or being different from the crowd; these worthless youth tags are deceiving to say the least.