Tuesday, February 17, 2009


What do friends have in common? I guess most of our friends have some things in common.. Know why? Coz we tend to look for friends that have things in common with us.. The things we like to do, shows or movies that we like to watch and they always say good friends have common enemies.. What do u think?

I had some good friends and even some worse enemies from that group.. But most of them kinda disappear from the face of the earth when we grow up.. I guess we have our own obligations and limited time to spare for each other.. Eric Tan or Hisham (now with Kabinet JPM) are among friends that i had during primary school.. Then there's Ganesh Bangah who's now a successful entrepreneur with MOL, Sanjiv (we played hockey for the school team) who i dunno where and what he's up to, Suresh which i found in Friendster (thank god!!) or even Rizal Embi a big brother when i need one.. They are all from secondary school.. Friends that i hang out with and talk to or even make fun of the teacher while he/she is teaching up front.. 

Then later during UiTM days, i have (and still) friends like Dol and Meor Frodo (from our scooter group) when i was doing my Diploma in Chef Training.. Later i met Cipuk while working as a chef in Shah Alam, we're still text now and then (especially when i can't remember recipes! haha).. I had this really close roomy of mine, that turned out to be a back stabber then to my worse enemy.. He accused me of not paying the rent back then to the landlord but years after that, it turned out that the landlord's younger bro (who comes to get the rent) was the one who's been swindling the money.. IN UR FACE!! The whole house look at me as a thief.. Ended up i shift house with new mates.. 

Then when doing my BBA i met Boy Fedo, Alin and Pella.. Along with Jef, Achong, Wan, Rina and Izali which became a big group of karaoke freaks.. We got karaoke almost every week of the day, especially after class on Fridays.. Unfortunately, our port News KTV over in Yow Chuan Plaza is no more.. Where to go now??? If its exam season, we all wud hang out at my place to study till morning.. Stayed up the whole nite studying then wud grab breakfast before heading to the exam hall.. Every single semester, for 3 years of study...! 

Everyone now has their own life.. Boy is with Air Asia, Alin is doing marketing, Pella is in UK doing his Masters.. So, i guess its about time for a reunion.. But we have to wait for Pella to get back from UK.. We're like Friends the comedy u see, only we dun live next door or being roomy or anything.. Hmmm the show really bring back memories.. Of the good old days and time spent.. Really miss those days..! Can i have them back?!? 

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