Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday The 13th

Its the end of the yet again.. I have this pain in the neck for the past several days.. No! Not people who's a pain in the neck, its real...! I have this stiff neck that makes it difficult for me to turn or look over my shoulder.. 

We had a bowling tournament yesterday after office hour.. I went back as soon as my lane finish our bowl. So, dunno who won.. But i have to say, i see big.. Err.. No, huge improvement in the playing quality of the people in my office. Maybe, they've been training or been playing for fun. But, i am really impress to see how they square off during the tourney.. My next door neighbour, Hasnan and immediate boss Cik Maya did a wonderful job during the tourney.. Congratulations to them and also the rest of the group.. I kinda had a difficult time bowling coz of the neck and back pain so i just threw the bowl as they say mcm org buang sampah!! haha but, i guess luck was on my side and i did pretty well.. 

Went back that nite and continued with letters signing.. Wanted to post a picture of the pile of papers on my desk at home, but was too exhausted by all the signature-ing that i forgotten to snap a photo.. Work gets piling up by the day..! Like they say, its a never ending story. Once ur done with one thing, u'll get some more and more and more.. But most of the time, it wun wait for u to get done with the current one.. They just keep on coming...!

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