Thursday, February 12, 2009


30 odd years ago, she gave birth to me.. She gave me love, support, advice and understanding that makes me what i am today.. I can't say i am successfull, yet.. but i'm heading the right way doing the right things properly.. Org melayu kata JADI ORANG!! All b'coz she's there for me all the way.. Let it be during my happy times or be it my bad, she'll always be there to talk and here me out. Give her advice and her point of view.. She's the best mom in the whole world.. And i miss her for that.. starting to spark tears here... people watching, control...!

She's 51 today and she's been thru alot all those years.. Half a millenium is alot if ur in her shoe, or in any mom's shoes in that case.. She's taught her kids stuff that any mom wud and when the time comes i think we kinda learn stuff ourselves, sometimes stuff that she never even could imagine.. Things that really makes her sad and dissapointed.. OK, starting to cry here.. But she put on a strong face and go on with life, never once she said to all of us that she's angry or disapointed.. But sometimes, she's telling us how she feels by the she talk, look and smile at u.. 

She's been a great mom to us, the best wife that i ever meet.. For the last 30 years, i am very proud to be her son.. And am very proud to have her as my mom.. Here's to u ibu.. HAPPY 51st BIRTHDAY IBU, ALONG LOVES U VERY MUCH.. WE ALL HERE DO!!

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