Monday, February 16, 2009

All Work and No Play Makes Us Stayed Home...

uring the weekend... Hehhe yupp! Thats what we did last weekend.. No, its not all work but merely coz we dunno what else to do.. And NO, we didn't stayed home all throughout the weekend.. We did went out for a while.. To hang out with the papa mama club.. But, this time no photos.. Sorry guys..!

It was Valentine Days last Saturday.. Me? I'm not the type that goes all out on this ONE particular day, i'm not even a big fan of V'day.. Maybe coz stuff just cost more on that ONE day.. But its kinda fun to have one day to remember ur loved ones.. But again, why do u need ONE day to remember the ones u love? Dun u have them in ur hearts every single moment of the day? Its just total madness and nonsense!! 

V'day dinner? We had ours at Hartamas Square with the rest of the papa mama club.. Wan & Tasya with Hilmy & Imah.. Then we decided to play bowling, luckily there's no place to do so coz most of them are full.. Thank god, coz my back is still killing me. Then on Sunday, we went out for a stroll around Bukit Jalil.. That's just about it.. So, what is there else to do? Play with this little fella then...! hahah 

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