Monday, February 16, 2009

DVD Freak

Staying at home during the weekend, we spent our time watching those pile of DVDs.. I somewhat was excited when i realized that i have a 4 in 1 DVD of The Halloween collection.. From 1 till 4...! That's cool ain't it? For someone who loves horror and suspense thriller like me, IT IS COOL..

The fact that cold blooded killer Mike Myers still walk the earth after being killed several time.. And even the modern version of Mike Myers, directed by Rob Zombie (haven't watch this one yet) played the cinema.. I guess Myers has been an icon for horror flicks.. But what impressed me was not the fact that they still got this charactor in the 80s up and making people scream. Its the fact that the quality of Hollywood movies in the 80s are almost similar to the ones that we have here in Malaysia, not in the 80s but current movies.. Haha that's funny.. 

When KRU decided to move their current studio in Setiawangsa to Cyberjaya, with a really impressive blueprint of the whole studio.. I kinda hope that this wud be a big step in Malaysian movie industry. We need this kind of boost..! People nowadays, still groove Roda-Roda Kuala Lumpur, Gerak Khas or maybe even Sembilu type of movies.. Even my granny does too! So, i guess we can't put the whole blame on the producers or directors.. Its the viewers that call the shot of how the movies shud be.. And what's the plots gonna be (love, police the same stuff)... Its the old lame ride ur bike or car, car chase around kedai mamak or empty shop lots and conversations or arguement inside a car or on the roadsides.. Its those scene that makes Malaysian movie seem the same... Well, it is the same! Same plot, storyline and even same actors...!

I wanna see more movies like Jgn Pandang Belakang, Cicakman and the latest dracula movie (can't recall the name), but MINUS the comedy element.. Why must u have comedy in such movie? It lack the umph factor when ur laughing instead of getting scared.. Dun u think? So, i call upon those movie makers in Malaysia.. Take up the challange and make more quality movies that can sell overseas.. We need that boost for our local industry.. And please, less comedy please...!

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