Friday, January 9, 2009

Mood Swings

Its been very long days at the office lately..The both of us have been really tied up with work and sometimes makes us really tired when we get home.. But the sight of Faleeq really is a great way to end ones day..

I've been caught up with a colleague's work, she's away on medical and i'm starting to get the hang of the extra tasks.. To tell u the truth, i actually feel wanted and appreciated.. Thanks for the support and help everyone! At the moment i'm chasing my own shadow by completing current task and clearing backlog (non urgent backlogs)..! ok?

In the other hand, Elliz has been given tasks unrelated to her position as a Finance Executive.. That really is heartbreaking for someone who really loves figures... Lucky for her she's been attending interviews from time to time.. Unfortunately, no offers yet, since November 08.. I hope that she'd land a job soon..

Today is the last day of this week and we have a bowling tourney tomorrow at Alamanda. Haven't been training for the tourney, even social bowling has been left out from weekly schedule for quite some time now.. Hope that i'd do good.. i know i wun win but at least dun let me make a fool of myself..

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