Thursday, January 8, 2009

Faleeq Is Sick

Faleeq has been coughing for at least 3 days now.. We brought him to the doctor and he was given some medicine for his cough. 8 hours a day no more.. That was the instruction.. But the cough doesn't seem to be subsiding.. He'd vomit and wake up in the middle of the nite.. We've been browsing thru sites for home remedy coz we dun wanna stuff him with all kind of medicine and no progress.. Just wish that we cud give him more medicine but he's still a baby.. Poor thing..

Anyone has any idea or home remedy that might work on infants? We're trying all luck.. Oh ya, before anyone bug me why not bring him to the doctor again.. Yeah, we're doing so soon.. Thanks for caring anyway..

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ikazam said...

whoo haaa..3 days? you bring him to PEDS?if he's not weezing(a very rare sounds from baby)he will be my daughter, she had an im so very cautious when she have cough, phelghm..and i'll bring her to see her PEDs when she starts to flu, coughing..and the doc will give her medicine for flu n phelgm not for cough..actually vomit during sick period is good for baby, because all the mukus (phelgm) will thrown out together wit vomit..and makes her/her lung clear..prevent it from making it him to the best PEDs that you think he is very suitable for him (meanig the medicine is works for him) take good care of your family..sorry..too long because im so cautious if baby is sick..