Monday, January 12, 2009

Potong Stim Je...!

I was very excited to get to the office this morning.. Simply coz my weekend was magnificent.. Yupp! I said it, it was magnificent...!

Back to the potong stim part.. I was out from the house by my normal time, around 7am.. So i'd be at the office around 730-740am.. But there was this huge traffic jam that dragged till MAHA location site (if ur driving from Puchong to Putrajaya). I dunno what cause the jam. There was no accident, so there's no need for people to slow down and look. But the number of vehicle is outta this world this morning. So, after all the hell in a car i reached and puched in at 815am.. So, its kinda a mood spoiler for me this morning..

Tempeh Goreng Berlada

Nope..! Its not the fact that i am javanesse and i love tempeh that i put this header, its the name of our bowling team that won the BSM KKM bowling open last Saturday. Held at Alamanda Putrajaya, there was 16 team that took part.. And we emerged as the winner... Nora, KE, Faizal and my humble self played an amazing 1900++ (i think) pin falls.. Nora, KE and Faizal even took individual awards pin falls for the tournament. While myself was the self appointed cameraman..! haha All in all it was a great game and i was truly satisfied. Gud game guys! It was great to be in the team...

Elliz and Faleeq being bz at what they do best

We then took the wheels to Ezany's (BIL) new place in Keramat AU.. Nice place, cozy and comfortable.. I always wanted a place for myself, maybe one day that time will come.. Its a simple single storey terrace house with lotsa room for the kids to grow..

Zany's cute kid son, Haiqal

Glory Glory Man Utd

MU's old boys at it again!

Its another great day for EPL's Man Utd fans.. We thrashed Chelsea 3-0 last nite.. It was worth it, i mean staying up late to watch the game... Vidic score the 1st goal while Rooney and Berby score the latter goals! Great play by the team the whole 90 minutes. I dunno why but Chelsea kinda suck throughout the game. Not saying this coz i'm no fan but its a fact. Passes didn't get thru, loss possessions and silly tries made it kinda easy for MU..

Today, i'm back to work after a nice long wiken. Its gud to unwind once in a while.. Planning to take the family somewhere for a well deserved break.. A place to relax and escape from the bz city. Any ideas? Thinking of Bukit Tinggi or Cameron.. But will consider other places.. A big no-no to islands as we have a baby boy with us.. So, boat hitching wun be a gud idea..

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