Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Trip to Mersing

We recently drove all the way to Mersing to attend Zam & Kim's wedding.. All that 5 hours drive was worth it by the company of friends and the really awesome reception that the host has set up..

The day session started at a cozy place La Bella Resort, owned by Kim's brother. 
Nice reception that was attended by hundreds.. 
We managed to catch the bride & groom on the pelamin just a nick of time.. 
We arrived in Mersing around 3pm and made it directly to the wedding location..  

Then we head and checked into the hotel which was 10 minutes drive from the location. 
The evening session started at 8pm with white and earth color theme.. 
Everyone attended with whites and mix matched them with lots of other colors.. 
Great! Actually never attended a Malay wedding this creative before.. 
This time, it was a really cool place called Kali's Prada Villa.. 

Basically its a bungalow located in the MIDDLE of paddy fields.. 
Wow! Please close eyes and imagine the scenery.. 
or better still google it.. 

Eve session - white & earth theme
The girls catching a pose - day

Anyway, it was great experience for all of us especially Faleeq.. 
To tell you the truth, as Johorean this is my 1st time in 30 years coming to Mersing..!
hahahha buat malu la lu Iskandar..!

We headed back to KL on Sunday after a nice chit chatting and breakfast with the pals.. 
Nice catching up with everyone, even though everyone is staying and making a living in KL we hardly meet.. 

Our time spent in Mersing
Tengok la muka baby & aku!
Again, check out ma face!

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