Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Homo sapiens

You know what that means? If you don't it means human (i think!).. LOL!

Anyway, today i'm gonna crap bout people and the group that i recently put them in to.. Yeah, i grouped people based on their crapiness and level of sh*t that they put on for others to watch.. 

1. Momma's boy - you know those people who get really attached to their mom and somehow failed to realize that they're actually married and now working to make a living? Seen that and know one..! I guess this is a fact of not trying to face reality of life and keep repeating in his head that he has a shitty one. What crap! And when everything that he tried (at least) to make ends meet and failed, guess what!? he went running to momma crying like a little baby.. Damn! I don't really blame the mom or dad or anything in related. Coz when you're a parent, you'll always be one.. No matter who or what your kids are now.. 

ps/: Notice that this is Momma's boy and not girl? 

2. The Echo Wall - ever heard people say this - "orang kata tu, ada orang kata ni, dorg ckp" thingy when you speak to certain people? Yeah, they're called echo wall.. Why? Cause they repeat what others say without even trying to figure out the truth about it. Then echo walls meet with other walls that will echo what they said.. BUT this particular wall is in an big empty room cause people can always hear what they say no matter what.. And their heads or brains (if any), are as the room... EMPTY!

3. I am Legend - ni solo rider.. The type that doesn't really mingle much.. I guess at certain times i am one.. cause at times i like to keep things to myself. You know.. But Legend is the one that wants to be alone in his world. Doesn't know or want to know whats going on around him.. Or even tried to take port of what's going on.. All he knows, the tasks given is completed and the meeting scheduled was attended.. 

Know, i'm not the type who gives a crap of what people say. Or bother that i might hurt somebody's feeling that i know cause i don't ask for anybody's money to live mine. Also, the fact that i only wanna make my family and close friends happy is good enough for me. Hell yeah! Anyway, for those that claims to be my friend and tried all that mushy talk to me saying this or denying that in the past, i forgive you. But i will never forget cause nobody does! PERIOD!

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