Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend's Iftar

Had a great Iftar last weekend.. 

Went to Mak Ucu's on Saturday for a Buka Puasa with the family.. 
Tok yang just came back from Indonesia for the 'Idul Fitr so it's kinda a Hari Raya for us.. 
Mak Ngah, Ibu Azah and most of the KL cousins were there.. 

On Sunday, Aziz, Fedo, Alin and Fifi came over for buka puasa at our place, their 1st visit! 
Elliz cooked up Chicken Rice and we had kuih as desert.. 
Too bad most of all forgot to take photos.. 
Aziz & Fedo managed to snap some.. 

Anyway, thanks for having us Mak Ucu and thanks for coming over guys...! 

On our list today:
A visit to Mak's at Gombak
To the tailor's 
To Wangsa Walk to pick up Elliz tudung

Our list for tomorrow: 
Break fast somewhere nice (never had the chance to) 
Off to Uptown Danau Kota (last minute shopping) 

Our list for Thursday: 
Bring Faleeq to Immigration Department to have passport done 
To go over to Mak's prepare for 1st 'Idul Fitr 

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