Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Apa Nak Jadi Orang Melayu (Part II)

My post yesterday is referred.

You know all my cravings and wishlists for this Ramadhan that i mentioned earlier, well its mere Satanic! But we did went out for break fast last weekend, after about 3 weeks of laid back weekends at home.. What we had? Whatever we had was not in the wishlist..

Ok, since Ramadhan is coming to an end (not soon enough for those who wants to beraya).. I saw some eye sore views when we went out the other day.

1. Ladies' Sickness - why i say sickness, cause if you translate it to direct Malay it would mean that. Anyway, we're walking about window shopping and browsing when we pass by Subway (yummy!!) and this Meleis couple was sitting there. And the lady WAS EATING...! For god sake! Apa la bodo dan tidak mengenal erti kemaluan langsung kamu ni bewok! Yes, we know (by your action eating in public) that you can't perform your duly responsibility as a Muslim and fast, but do you have to eat in open public like that? Don't you have the decency or even a speck of shame for the reason? What a deutch bag you are...!

2. Die Hard Smokers - Yes, i smoke and yes, i fast but i still manage to control my tobacco craving when i fast. But i was driving the other day and was stuck in traffic. I looked around (cause that's the only thing you can do when your in traffic), saw this nice car with a Muslim quote sticker on it.. And then when we're side by side, the damn bugger was smoking.. No, he's not Chinese or anything, he got a lady with tudung sitting besides him and we know a Meleis when we're looking at one! But i guess he got his reason, like he'd die immediately if he don't have his fag every 1 or 2 hours. Its still early in the day and you can't control your god damn cravings!!!

3. Meleiyu Hindustan - the other day i was at a mini market to buy groceries. And then i heard screaming.. It was a lady, all dressed in baju kurung and she was screaming her lungs out on the phone. From that brief eves dropping (you don't really need to eve drop, she was screaming!), we can tell that she's screaming at he bf or wateva on the phone. By the sound of it, he cancelled their date for some reason. Then, it went quite, she was not screaming anymore. She went in the mini market to buy something when she was on the phone again, this time politely and nicely. but what i heard was ok mak, hujung minggu orang balik.. wow..! Meleis ni..! Confirm! But... she was smoking when she was on the phone outside.. When i was done with my my shopping, she was in the arms of a expat bf crying here heart out.. 1st thing, meleis lady smoking in brought daylight in Ramadhan. Then hugging and kissing...

Aduh! Mana hilangnya kebudayaan dan kemanisan orang Meleis ni...

p/s: For those who're from KL, born and raised here and who're offended by my last post. Apologize to everyone..!

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