Monday, July 19, 2010

Sport Revolutions

Did you guys catch the last World Cup? AND the SUKMA games that happened to be on AT THE SAME TIME? BUT.. Did you know that Malaysia took part in the ASEAN SPORTS GAMES and they WON!!!
OK.. put those three (not two and two) together, what do you get? WINNER!!! POTENTIAL ATHLETES!! BUT minus all the above and add in CRAP.. What do you get? LOSERS...!!
Anyhow, with all the sports activities and games going around all year long, i dun see why we can't go back to the good old days of Santokh Singh or Mokhtar Dahari.. We can't even manage to win the Thomas Cup let alone ASEAN GAMES or COMMENWELTH (did i spell it right)..
What we have to do to excell:
  • Stop depending on old players.. Coaches or Managers tend to use players that they're familiar with. Explore abit here, trial abit there or even experiment everywhere and you'll find players that you could only imagine
  • Stop those political involvement in sports development.. i'm not saying its no good having political in sports, but somehow rather, it has to have a limit. I mean, even our sports facilities have political in a sense that if they're not involved, no stadium or veladrome would be built
  • Have them old retiree sportsmen involve in some way..
  • Send them for training (not games or friendly) overseas with REAL player not just for the fun of it or mere publicity
  • Use those kids from Sports Schools.. What do we have to do to make you guys see this.. Nichole David or Lee Chong Wei won't be as agile as they're now in 10 years time. Start looking for new players NOW!!

I dunno what do we have to do or when can we do something to get some results. As someone who loves sports, i hope to see major changes in our game and management style.. I really hope that this day would come.

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