Friday, July 16, 2010


Brut... Been a while since my last update.. Didn't have time to spare for the blog.. Pity it, been neglected like that..

Anyway, alot has happened since my last update.. Holland lost to Spain in the World Cup.. Damn! We finally moved in to our new place.. Elliz went to Jakarta with her friends while i stayed home with Faleeq.. Lagi apa ek? Ntah! Mcm banyak je tapi tak berapa pon..

How bout Faleeq eh? Well... He's all good.. Bought him a Thomas playset and haven't stop playing ever since.. Sampai nak tido pon Thomas bawak naik katil.. His favourite characters would be Cranky the Crane, Salty the dockside diesel engine and of course Thomas himself..
We had his hair cut the other day in JB.. All short and he looks even cuter.. Intending to keep that hair style for him.. hehehe AND dah pandai posing kepala senget dah skrg.. Auta jangan kata la.. Memang wayang lebih anak aku ni bila kena marah..

Guess that's all for now.. Got lotsa things to do in so little time.. Catch with you guys later..

2 quickies:

Fadli said...

faleeq sudah besar n ensem lor.... bila mau adek pulak?????

Fadli said...

Fuh menan dia.....