Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cantek Ka???

Thanks kepada pemberi award ni.. Tak sangka pulak aku ni cantek....!
Apa yang perlu dibuat adalah..
1. Thank and link the person that gave you the award

2. PassThis award onto 15 blogger you're recently discovered and think are fantastic
i. Bulat
ii. Fadli
iii. EPI
iv. Misz Adni
v. Incik Tariq
vi. Aziz Laikar
vii. Efi
viii. Aida
ix. Didi
That's all i can think of.. yg lain pemberi dah give out..

3. Contact said blogs and let them know they've won the award.

4. State 7 things about yourself.

i. Putting on weight... Fast..!
ii. Dah belajar memandu dengan laju.. (spent most of days driving)
iii. Baru beli rumah .. Nak pindah in 2 weeks time.. Yeyy!!
iv. Suka tgk cerita gore with lotsa blood
v. This month is my bday...
vi. Looking for a place to go for a holiday.. Dubai or India maybe..
vii. Been smoking alot lately...

3 quickies:

Anonymous said...

ta for the award. EPI's Ye Olde Unabridged Super Unbelievably Creative and Kool or YOU-SUCK Boggie Awards (seriously the acronym is pure unadulterated coincidence!) will be out in a few months (depending on the panel of judges). Stay tune until then and who knows, you maybe the Top Bloggie of the EPI's YOU-SUCK Bloggie Awards!

And even more seriously, if u ask me whether u are cantek, I would rather be sued in court for falling to the ground with foaming effects around my mouth than to ponder on that question.

I can't even imagine if beautiful is a word suitably equated for umm... guys! Of course if you post your pic whilst there still inches long of hair on your head, people would second guess you again bronk... awww you r beautiful and cantek then Isz!

Lady said...

vote for dubai! best~ kalau india pon ok.. tapi kena tengok tempat mana ko pegi~ btw, since dah ada kawan kat tokyo, bole je jalan2 kat sana~ hehehehe

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

EPI i'm always beautiful..! hahaha anyway, thanks for the nomination for your award. Nice name for an award anyway...

Lady Tokyo? Kopak aku wei.. nak bayar hotel etc.. takpe la, cari negara yang currency dia lebih rendah dari Msia. wait till i'm public listed then i can go to so-called Developer Nations