Monday, May 10, 2010

BPL is Over

Its oficial, the BPL is over.. New season coming up in a few months, after the World Cup. We didn't win the crown.. Chelsea were announced Champions after they trashed Wigan 8-0 last nite. I just couldn't believe it.. Well, actually last week i already sense that that Chelsea would win this season. Just no boost for ManUtd. We lack the drive and motivations..

We played to a 4-0 win last nite. With wonderful goals by our players. But despite that, we still did not get the title. But the thing i hate most is the newbie Chelsea fans who brag non-stop bout the record breaking la, what not la.. So rimas!! Well, like i said to them.. We can't actually blame the fans coz the palyers and Team Management is similar to that kind of jakun... An expected outcome to a great season. They have the quality they need in the players and their teamwork is unbelievable lately. So, i can't see anyone else other than Chelsea winning the title this season. Although, i'd like ManUtd to win..

Nevermind.. Next season we'll be at it.. SAF has to sell Berba and get some more fire power up front though.. Great season lads..!

Gonna miss BPL for all this coming months..!

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Lady said...

agree! poyo je those chelsea fans. by the way, we dont spend so much money as much as chelsea did this season, and we only need SAF alone while chelsea siap kena tukar manager bagai. it's ok. tho we didnt win this season, we fight like a champ, till the end of the game..