Monday, April 19, 2010

A Great Weekend For Soccer

Wow.. I'm speechless... Just brief updates on BPL fixtures last weekend..
  1. Man Utd had edged Man City 1-0 thanks to an injury time header by Paul Scholes. I questioned the SAF's decision to field the old horses, Scholes, Giggs and Neville in that game. And fielding Gibson in such a high profile game.. But thankfully we won... Personally i think Man Utd played an average game.. Nothing fancy bout it, nothing great to be proud of aside from the fact that we won.
  2. Chelsea was defeated 1-2 by Spurs in a game that saw me screaming like hell. Spurs definitely dominated the game with great chances and misses. The Blues managed to pull one back.. But Spurs played really well that day and they manage to win the game.
  3. Arsenal lost their game against Derby 2-3 after leading 2-0. I watched the game last night and Derby dominated the last 20 minutes of the game and manage to score 2 goals as the 90th minute approaches. Nice one..! Congratulations to Derby..

Well, the other day i was driving to KL to do some shopping and a local radio deejay said on air.. Tahniah kepada ManUtd kerana menang malam semalam dan kepada peminat Chelsea, takziah kerana kalah. Boleh cuba lagi lain kali.. A word of advice, don't talk bout soccer or football if you dunno your game.. You might sound dumb by doing so.. And being a deejay, having thousands of listener, u'll make a mockery of yourself..

Go Man Utd....!

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