Monday, October 12, 2009

Suicidal Driver Part Deux

Apa lagi yg ko nak merapu ni isz??

Well, over the weekend we went out for open houseseses.. see the plural on plural? haha

From Subang to Shah Alam then to Rawang to Sri Petaling.. Damn it was a tiring one.. Too bad we had to go thru all that on a Sunday.. Coz we're here on our butts in our office yet again... But i totally forgot what we did on Saturday.. haha what i remembered was we closed it with a brief trip to Ikea and a drink at OTWC in Kota Damansara.

This old head of mine is starting to loose its recollections.. Tua kot?!? Being 30 is starting to kick back, its like a smack in the head by a tennis ball going 90km/h..

No photos to upload only my morning Monday blues being let off by a rambling bout this particular group of people..

Driving down the hiway at 90-100km/h when this scmuck overtakes u faster than light but while doing it he goes really close to u that makes u HAVE to drive away.. The only problem is that on ur right is the steel divider.. WTH do u think u are? If anything happens to my family i'd hunt u down and make u apologize to them... Moron!! Keyword: sakai

Road hog was briefly described by me in the last post but that was on two-wheeler but today i wanna ramble about these cars that take on the road like there on a honeymoon on a beach or something.. Wei, nak layan permandangan gi la drive kat tepi pantai.. Pakcik, ah so or anyone in particular to this group would drive so damn slow that u can like stop ur car and run over to him to give a big topspin on the rear of his head.. aduyai! what do i have to do to get u outa the way? keyword: hamster

Weekends are terrible if ur going into malls.. With the crowds and nos of cars that surprisingly increase in a blink of an eye.. U can't even find a decent carpark.. Then u got this people that'd park their car really nice.. so nice that they help u with ur parking space by taking it up.. how nice.. Aren't we suppose to be civilized group of people?!? keyword: diet

sabar itu separuh dari iman.. right? i know i sound inpatient with all these ramblings.. but at times u tend to go overboard with ur emotions.. but have u encountered these goons that'd overtake ONE car just for the sake of getting in front of the line.. And they do it full throttle.. haha kelakar la manusia pembawa kereta ni.. And then once they got in front of the line they'd slow down like hell.. keyword: ganyang!

Hey..! I remembered what we did last Saturday.. We started the day by bringing Faleeq to Megakids in Midvalley and he loved it..! We sure gonna bring him over there again.. Then we shoot over to Kota Damansara for Farid's open house that led is to Ikea.. haaa

well its a very tiring weekend for us.. especially for Faleeq, even when we shifted him from the car to bed he didn't even woke up.. pity him..

Note: Isz, org mesti ckp pasal mak bapak anak jadi mangsa

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