Monday, October 12, 2009

The Fear of Uncertainty

Have u ever wonder what will it feel to try out something new?

Have u that gut feeling that things would be better if ur someone else doing something else somewhere..? But that gut feeling goes back at u and haunt u like a fly stuck on this sticky paper/stick..

Time flies so fast that not even the man of steel himself can turn the globe around this time.. Bye bye Lana Lane..! The last time i tried to indulge myself into something new, i ended up doing it half way.. But that was me alone.. I have loved ones now that'll support me.. I guess things well be better and different this time..

Kekadang dok termenung, sambil minum atau menyedut kepingan tembakau yg digulung halus, aku fikir dan merenung apa yg bakal terjadi nanti..

Well, my favourite time to day dream is while i was driving.. That's why i hate it when all these morons spoils my mood.. Dun worry, my day dream wun hurt anybody on the road.. It just that anything new would be anticipated really well.. That' why they have this study on how to implement change.. People would stay put with the things they're comfortable and familiar with.. Some group of people would immediately push away any changes tried to them.. They're comfortable with the way they do things..

Aku rasa perubahan adalah sesuatu yg MESTI.. Terutamanya bila perubahan tu boleh membawa kepada kebaikan yg menyeluruh dan berkesan.. Implementing change would be good if everyone involve take part.. Hey! People wun do those changes if they thing its no good. Businessman for instance, would change the way the do business just to keep up with the trends.. U dun see building going up with the same designs we had back in the 80s dun u? They look better and even friendlier than before..

Work policies in the other hand would give the quality of the work much better and easier to work with.. People and organization would have things done over the web coz it'll safe them alot of money and time.. With a click of a button everything would be delivered to ur counterpart on the other side of the world. That's why they say, information at the tip of ur hand..

But i still wonder how change would be accepted easily.. For me personally, i dun take change easily.. It'll be digested and processed in this mind box so that it'll make more sense.. For me, change is a good thing..Even if i have to jump down the twin tower, i'd do it if that's what it takes to change me.. Just make sure that i survive that jump..
During my student years, we learnt about how does change can be implemented.. Personally i think that i can be done,even without these few steps that was outlined.. 3 easy steps to implement change is by unfreezing - apply change - refreeze.. How do these steps work? I'll tell u all about it in the next post.. Gotta go..!

Note: Isz, tolonglah berubah.. Tak sedor diri!!

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