Wednesday, October 14, 2009

fREEZe !!

In the previous post, i have mentioned that in applying changes some steps have to be followed.. Well, let me tell u abit on how to implement changes.. It may & may not work, depends on how people in ur organization perceive those changes..

Resistant to change is unavoidable, especially when ur facing a group of hardcore people that is used to doing things the way they do now.. To them what they're doing currently is the best approach in doing things.. But what they dun see is how good can that change bring to u.. That is what ur role comes in as a head unit or supervisor in ur group.. Nice huh? kalau kepala pon tamau berubah, mana nak buat perubahan pada org lain?!

Unfreezing - this steps is vital because u wanna take them outa their comfort zone of doing things the old ways.. Then, u wanna make them understand that what is happening is for the good of everyone.. Its hard enough if u wanna teach them new things, but its even harder making them stop what their doing.. Means, to make someone to stop doing things the old ways is definitely harder.. So, this part of the process u have to make them understand the new ways with training etc.. Guidelines, work process trees and even policies that will make them understand how things work from now on..

Changing - after making them put aside the old ways of doing stuff, u have to implement the changes. This definitely won't happen overnight but with sheer determination and commitment by the management team, staff will be made to understand and use the new of work.. Try posting up the work process tree at their work stations so that they can see how they gonna do this now.. When another group is resisting to this change, a small group might have excitement or even anticipation to this.. Work with that smaller group intensively.. Try use them to influence the others to accept the change.. Like it or not, the change is going to happen..

Refreezing - when everything is done, the change has taken place.. It may take u more than a month to do so, some even more than a year but that's all behind everyone now.. Make use of the situation, try making the new process an exciting one.. More training are needed, involve them in the development program on how to improve the process and make things even better. People work better when they're important.. But most of all, dun forget that this is a continuous process and it will not stop until u have done everything to make it work. Train, train and train them again..

Well, that's all for today class. Tetiba je aku jadi lecturer kat sini yea.. Berkongsi pengetahuan dan pengalaman tak rugi pun untuk aku.. Cheerio!

Note: Isz, lu mmg poyo!!

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Lady said...

teringat "Who moved my cheese". it's allll about change~ :D