Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bend It Like Him

Mana aci wei, main 30 min je!!

Beckham was announced as the man of the match in England's World Cup qualifying match against Belarus. Yes, he played only 30 min. The old dog set up a goal with his 1st touch and i guess that what makes him the man of the match.. pretty cool huh, for an old dog that is.. anyway, England has qualified for the play off and so has Argentina, a former champion waaaaaay back after a struggle in the group stage.. England won 9 out of 10 games the played.. And the only game they lost, i guess they deserved it.. They played like a bunch of school boys..! Frankly, i never look at England as a favorite, period!! Dunno why, but i guess its the publicity they have, too much of it..! And Italy, not in my list too... Model Jantan i call them, a bunch of pretty boys who's afraid of getting themselves dirty in the process.. But lets wait and see how these teams and other teams square off..

I dunno who team to cheer, so i guess i have to wait till the playoffs.. Cool huh? World Cup coming up, then the Euro.. What's next?!? Football is sure my heaven..

Note: Nothing to note today..!

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