Monday, June 1, 2009

Hit 'N' Run

Took time off during lunch hour today (TQ boss!!) to visit Shah in *PP*UM..

He's a long lost friend that i recently met up again in KL Sentral where Elliz works... FYI he's the 1st runner up for Mr Selangor (body building competition).. I always envy how he manage to tone up his body like that...

anyway, he got in a hit and run recently. Right now, he's in a come in *PP*UM.. He cracked his skull after he smashed his head on the ground.. Feeding through tube connected to his nostril and O2 tank on him 24-7.. Doc says that they cant figure out whether the brain is functioning well.. He is in a coma right now.. And doc dunno when he will wake up.. I tried talking to him just now but i was too hard for me..

He was actually my housemate during our student time in U*i*TM.. And later we became group mates when i joined in the scooter group, Indeesccot (p/s: I designed the website, what do u think?).. I'm used to see him big and strong, with his joyful jokes and his loyar buruk style.. But seeing him like that was unbareable.. So i cried.. there and then.. He's more than a housemate, he's kinda like my little brother..

Alfatihah to Badrulshah, may he recovers fast and well..

2 quickies:

swit@kon said...

siannya. moga cepat sembuh!

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

Insyallah.. mudah²an