Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bday & Qiqah All In One

Last Saturday we had an Aqiqah ceremony for Faleeq and his cousin.. No, nothing like shaving and stuff. He did that when he was 1 month old.. Just the normal thingy, doa selamat & kambing..

Then we had Nawfal's bday party with the parents friends coming over with presents... Anyway, not much to say, just enjoy the pictures..

(L-R) Adinda Yusof, Ninda Hasnah, Mak Ngah & Qamarul

Faleeq's different poses

The children that were there. Bday boy in the middle in yellow

Friends that could make it..

I wanna apologize unable to invite everyone.. With my PC and HP (perfect timing) data all wiped out, i dun have anything to reach out to everyone with.. Really am sorry for not inviting all of u.. And greatly sorry for those last minute invites that i was able to send out..

2 quickies:

swit@kon said...

birthday boy itu rambutnya macam hafiz Af la plak. hak hak hak

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

namanya... Isz Nawfal...

rambut dia leh wat maggi, so... nak ayam, kari ke asam laksa? hahaha