Monday, May 18, 2009

Devils - Champion of EPL

Yupp...! We did it again, we are the champions!! MU has retained the EPL crown...

I dun care if Liverpool beat us the other day or any other team that have succeeded in doing so.. I dun care if anybody else got anything to say about MU winning the league... AGAIN!! 

All i care is we are EPL's champion yet again.. 

Hey Rafa!! 
Let me tell u guys what he said... He said Liverpool beat MU in their meet during the season.. He said that winning the league doesn't mean that MU is better than them.. He said there are many teams in the league which have beaten us throughout the season.. 


This is what i have to say...! Yupp!! U beat us and i have to say that Liverpool was the better team in THAT game.. Winning against us means that u played better in THAT ONE match and not the season.. And that's what a league is all about, getting more points than the other teams in the league.. And if u wanna have lesser team in EPL, have u own league then...! Dumb *ss u Rafa..! Or maybe u can join other leagues that has lesser teams.. Or a league that u can win all the games.. Sore looser!!

Next in line, European Champions League... 



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