Monday, May 18, 2009

CatCity - Last Week

Like i said, i was in CatCity last week for a course.. 

It was a Leadership & Organizational Effective Course organized by my division. As i mentioned, a funny thing happened during this course. I was very excited to go b'coz it was my 1st time ever in Sarawak.. Never in my 30 odd years that i had the chance to go to Sarawak.. So, being so excited i got all my gadget ready.. My camera with the charger, my cameraphone with its charger etc.. So that i can capture the view and people while i was there.. I had everything planned out and made sure that my phone was working just in care.. 

The funny thing was, i had my phone but no charger.. Thanks Adni and Eliza for lending me ur charger.. And i had my charger with me without the camera.. Damn it!! Really was frustrating.. Again TQ to Adni, Eliza and other people for letting me inter frame during photo shoots... 

The course was conducted by Stoke Hill Management Master with its Chief Principal Consultant herself giving the talk.. Puan Jamaliah Mohammed or Puan Jem was really sporting and helpful with tips and advice to be a better supervisor at the office.. I am truly thankful to be a part of this program. She had the time to point out individual weaknesses and identified ways to improve ourselves. With AV help, movies, animations and even diagrams really helped most of us understand what was the course all about. 

The course was all about leadership, learning styles and communicating effectively. With games and what not, we were exposed to different style of personality traits and how to approach different type of people. It was true, most of it that is.. Avoiding conflict by communicating better, managing ur team and being a well prepared leader.. 

With my groupmates 

But i still can't except the fact that i am a teddy bear type of person.. A humble and influencing type of person. I tot i was more of a shark type, a dominating SOB.. Hahaha 

We were also tot to face our fears and dun let it hold us back.. It was mainly fun.. I learned that not most people understand what we teach or show them, being more attentive in giving instruction and understanding their limits and constraint will make learning easier for everybody. Understanding and negotiating our fears, learning to listen and communicate more effectively, comparing a leader and a manager, negotiation skill and making fast & effective decisions are some of the topics that was taught during the 4 days course.. 

But thoughts of my little one was bothering me to concentrate.. I really miss them both..! TQ to elliz for mms-ing the cute photos of them together.. 

For people who hasn't been to Sarawak before (like i was).. It is famous for its Kek Lapis and the Terubuk Masin, aside from the beautiful craftsmanship of its wood craft and local ritual or dance.. I dunno much but was really anxious to find out.. Unfortunately, we had very little time to spend for site seeing. 

However, we had the chance to go Kek Lapis shopping and Razimi helped us with the Terubuk Masin ordering.. TQ dude..! At least, i got something from there.. 

The Cat Square - right in front of our hotel

DUN - really nice looking building
Majlis Bandaraya Kuching (Below) 

More photos coming up, from Adni, Ezira, Masteah and other peoples cam that i inter framed..!

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zyrin said...

enche iskandar,

selamat hari lahir! moga panjang umur & murah rezeki, serta sentiasa diberkati Yang Maha Esa, Amin.

20/05/2009... lalalalala...

swit@kon said...

ko celebrate birthday kat kuching eh?

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...


Hear in the heart of KL...