Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yes! We're Through!!

Hey.. Who said we weren't good enuf? At least we're through to the last 4... I have to say this to Liverpool's fans, dun let the dogs out or they'll bite u in the a**!! So Rafa, shut ur yapp and concentrate on retaining Gerard or who ever u think is ur star player at the club.. 

Its now MU vs Arsenal and Chelsea vs Barcelona in the semi of ECL.. I didn't had the chance to catch the game last nite, was too busy sleeping! haha but awaited anchiously for the result in the morning news thru the radio.. Maybe the Reds' fans can say that they can now concentrate on the BPL more and might even win it.. I think they forgot the fact that MU have a one game advantage over them and we're leading.. 

It may be true that they say that MU is no more better than them but one huge win isn't gonna compensate all the loss throughout the years in BPL. MU or other teams had made it as champions and they did it constantly without any failure.. But one win against the big players was enuf for them i guess.. So lets just wait for the BPL season to be over.. We may have lost several games lately but we played with reserve players and frankly speaking i am proud of them! Macheda, Evans and even Foster played a huge role in those loss and they played better than the 1st 11.. And even during the wins that they had recently, they contributed evenly with the big boys.. 

But now that all the major players are back, we have a complete team once again.. Ronaldo scored the only goal in today's match. And it was enuf to take us thru to the final 4. Hey! A goal is enuf to win it, its not how good u play or how bad u lost. But the final score after 90 minutes or so is more important than any other things that u can think of. 


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