Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We Have A Lift Off

After long hours of brainstorming, days of running up and down, months of anticipations and sleepless nites, our SPAT system was launched this morning  by the Minister himself during the monthly assembly. At the same ceremony we were introduced to the new Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah which made her debut appearence during the event. 

Houston, we have a clear launch!

Through out the event we were on the edge, sweaty palms, fast breathing and really² anxious about the whole thing. Its been months since the long awaited launching of the system. After all the work and discussions, meeting after meetings, from one amendment to another, at last it is done.. I thank all the people who were involve from the beginning.. Our boss Cik Maya was the one that really had her life on the line for this.. She was there since the system started with a mere idea and meeting.. I came in after the 1st half and it was already a big deal for me.. A big thanks to people from IT Dept, Asri, Fara, Sarah and Henny.. I big thanks to KE and Edni for lending their voices to make this VT a success.. I agree when people say that u guys have the voice of a celebrity.. Also Chris from HECC that has been helping us with the last minute adjustment to our multimedia presentation. I will upload the video to youtube as an acknowledgement to all ur work.. Thanks guys!! 

Also, thank to my wifey for lending her ears all this while listening to me telling her about SPAT this SPAT that.. Now it is launch, its time to go on with our lives and get back to work...! 

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