Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And How Was Your Weekend

My little army all set to go out

Mine was filled with activities as usual.. Went to Sg Wang to shop for some stuff, then to Midvalley to do the same.. We bought a new bag for Faleeq's stuff when we travel and a large mat-matress (dunno what to call it) coz he's already climbing and stuff.. Elliz bought some clothes and tudung at Arzu.. Me? I didn't buy anything..! haha Elliz sent some of her kain collection to the tailor, she wanted to do it early so it wun be too expensive and u wun have to rush etc when aidilfitri is coming.. Here's some photos of Faleeq and me while waiting for ibu at the tailor..

We dropped by Gombak coz my brother inlaw Razzman had just got a new baby girl.. After 2 heroes before her, he at last got one girl to his collection.. So Congratulations brother, here's to more children in the future.. 

Baman's latest 3.3kg baby girl

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swit@kon said...

handsome nyer faleeq dengan seluar celoreng