Monday, April 6, 2009

Almost A Heart Attack

Federico Macheda - an instant hit

I almost had a heart attack watching MU played last night.. Elliz and Faleeq was soundly asleep and i can't scream my lungs out.. Heart broken when Villa scored their 2nd goal. Why it was broken? coz i dun think they can win.. They simply have to maintain the 1-0 score that CR7 put in thru an indirect FK.. But when they equalized and finally ahead by a goal i was frustrated.. Goos bumps all over and was shivering.. Seriously! Never in my life i watched MU play in this condition.. Maybe coz they were a great team all those while and seeing MU reserve squad dominating the lineup makes it unbearable

Then CR7 scored another screamer from outside the penalty box, squeezing the ball thru the  defence and into the net.. I was kinda astonish when SAF decided to take Tevez out and bring in Welbeck.. He almost got lucky when was up against Fridle immediately after coming in. Then the magic came.. Macheda was brought in to sub Nani in the 61st min and he was showing signs of immaturity.. I guess playing against the big boys were much different than playing with the reserve team.. 

But what Macheda did was incredible.. He squeezed a pass with a trick turn and curve a shot pass Fridle at the end of added minute.. I tried to compose myself but after whispering (yupp!) goallllll when CR7 equalized. I ran and jumped like hell when they got their winner.. 

Great win MU..! Show The Reds that even after being humiliated by them, we're still the better team among ALL the team in BPL.. Again, 1 or 2 big wins dun make u the best team in the whole wide world.. U may not walk alone, but u will definitely crawl outta the rock when we retain the tittle this season..

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