Monday, March 23, 2009

Devils Seeing Red

It was yet another loss for MU.. I had to do this post due to  the constant sms-es and comments by anti-MU friends.. I had the chance to watch they played Fulham last weekend and they loss 0-2.. but i missed the 1-4 trashing by Liverpool! I have to say, the loss by Liverpool really affected their mental state.. 

Midfield and forwards played their best.. Never expected Fletcher and Park to played that well.. But Berbatov didn't have the final say after missing several chances, so did CR7.. Schole's red card was a decision that the red had to make.. His unintentional hand ball was unquestionable a red card foul. But the defence was still shacky.. Ferdinand pairing with Evans was not synchronize enough to really made their presence felt! O'shea was still a numskull at the back.. 

In the 2nd half they got their 2nd goal after a silly mistake by the defence.. Not really a mistake, but they gave Fulham players the space to score.. And when the pressure was on, Rooney was red carded after he threw the ball back for a quick free kick. Which the ref saw as a retaliation by the player.. 

BPL is going for a 2-week break when players go for International duties. When they come back, MU will face Aston Villa and for everyone's info there's only 5 games left for MU. I really hope that they'll wake up and played really well. Realizing how important these last matches are is vital for them at this stage. Somehow rather, i know that we can retain the BLP crown..!


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swit@kon said...

were they blinded by the reds..??wakakaka