Friday, March 20, 2009

Champions League Draw

Moments ago, Champions League quarter final draw was carried out. Man Utd is set to face porto in that round. I dunno how Porto is but i guess Man Utd is the better team and they can definitely excel to the round. After the big shame playing Liverpool, SAF will sure give the team a telling... And the will definitely go all out.. Lets just wait and see how they square against Fulham this weekend.

In other matches Villareal will face Arsenal while Barcelona is going against Bayern Munich. Arsenal has Fabregas in their lineup after recovering from an injury for 3 months. And he is declared fit, but not 100% though. Villareal in the other hand will have their hands full. I guess Arsenal's young guns will go out all blazzing in this match and they will definitely play their best.

Barcelona will play big winner Bayern. They trashed Lisbon in the last round with an aggregate of 12-1! That's the biggest ever in this decade.. Having a topsy turvy season, Barca will need to get Messi and Henry at their best. The climax of them all is the game between Chelsea and Liverpool. Liverpool is on a winning streak after trashing Madrid and Man Utd. Both with 4 in the net. They definitely have the highest level of confidence among all the teams..

So seeing the draw earlier, i was thinking that it would be Arsenal vs Man Utd and Liverpool vs Barca in the semi.. Final? Your guess is as good as mine...!

3 quickies:

Yeop PAKSI said...

MAn.U kalah lagi..............huahauahuahuahuahuahuahua.....dengan FUlham pun tak bleh makan..........SENGAL

swit@kon said...

kalah lagi isz. wakakakaka

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

damn it! keciwa aku tengok game ari tu.. mcm nak baling je tv tu!!