Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Big Boy

It's the 25th and Faleeq is already 5 months old on the 22nd.. He's been growing up so fast and incredible.. We're so proud to hold and look at him..

Right now, the problem is.. he wun fit into his jumpers, peejay or any clothes his age at all.. He's wearing a 9-12 MO jumper, 12-15 MO peejay and so is his pants.. Not only that, he's not fitting into his carrier at all.. So, right now, Ibu and Abah has to shop some more for little Faleeq.. Oh no!! More spendings?!? Hehe no lah!! i'd do anything for my little junior..

He's been growing from this to this.. And time really flies when ur having this much fun.. Last nite, he was fast asleep quite early at around 10 pm.. We're delighted coz we planned to hit the shack early too.. But as soon we lie down, he opened his eyes..! This was around 11.15pm and refuses to go to sleep.. Tossing and turning and pulling us.. He wanna play.. huhu we're half pass dead that time.. So, I had to bring him out to the hall and play with him.. Let him watch TV and play in his walker (no! he can't walk yet)..

He's showing signs of crawling at the moment.. But he's movement is limited to a rocking back and forth action.. haha I bet he'll be crawling all over us very soon now.. So, anybody wanna guess what time did the little one slept last nite? Approximately 130am…! Yeah!! And adding salt to that wound, it was raining this morning and traffic was kinda a killer.. Had to be at the office early coz we had a meeting with the printer on SPAT's brochure.. (will tell u all about SPAT later once its launched).. Hey!! They're supposed to email me a draft of the brochure at noon!!

So, all I wanna say is that Faleeq is growing well and having hickups and bumps are normal when ur growing up (especially when ur a grown up! Haha).. Alhamdulillah for that…

p/s: can't wait for PD this weekend, we have a family day for the office…! Yeyy!!

Definitely a Handsome little man…! Dun u think?


2 quickies:

Lady said...

Chumelnye faleeq~ sangat cute. kejap je da lima bulan eh~ hihihi. aku doakan faleeq ni makin nsem, sehat dan macho selalu. heheh

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

makin nsem, sehat dan macho selalu MCM BAPAK DIA..! hahaha (aku sambung ayat ko...!)