Thursday, February 26, 2009

Put On Your Thinking Cap

I was in the elevator the other day when a group of 3 cleaners entered.. They were talking bout how hard it is to take off the stains on the toilet bowls.. And they were into it, i mean reaaally into it until they missed their floor.. They then give each other's opinion on different methods to do this effectively.. 

I guess it is correct when people say, there's no job that requires no thinking. I mean, no matter what job u take on u will definitely have to think..! Even the cleaner have to think in the things the do daily.. Damn! I was kinda intrigue by the idea that they really do their job and take heart in this matter.. 

But in certain required cases, people tend to put aside their ability to think outside the box. Merely look at certain task as something normal and routine.. So, they dun have to think out of their normal context.. Simple answer of "saya tak tau" or "saya tak pernah buat ni" is normal for them to escape.. This is an answer that office or adminstrative staff give.. So, if u wanna compare the level of task with the level of thinking that u ACTUALLY do, i guess those cleaner think harder than some of us do.. 

SO... Gonna put on my thinking cap and push it to the extreme.....! Till i bleed to death!! hahaa In MY face!!

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eeqbalz said...


Nice piece but I was looking forward for you to share those insider tips on how to get rid of those stains on the bowls. Pretty gross but then again it came from us anyway.

Sadly at my place, you won't get valuable insights. Just the usual "Eh ada jualan laaa..." or "Emm... nak makan apa ye" all these said whilst these people are totting red plastic bags with food inside.

Now, what if I use the stairs... oh no! Smokers alert!!!