Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Walk Through Memory Lane - TV ShowsI

Its yet another week and as a couch potato, i've been raised in front of the TV.. Not raised actually but grew up.. Coz my mom would scream if i wun budge from the telly.. We've all seen the latest edition of Knight Rider with (still the same name) Michael Knight (or mike, wateva!) as the driver.. And KITT as the vehicle with cool AI and gadgets.. Shows nowadays are much more advance with state of the art computer and special effects.. U dun need actors jumping down windows or moving vehicles.. Or taking the risk of injuring themselves in the shooting process.. 

I remembered this show, Starman.. Its about an alien that found himself on earth and living as a human.. Learning how to live as a human with his fellow alien that is in a form of a shiny marble.. His mate would show him clips of things so that he'd learn how to do certain things.. 

Then u have Mission Impossible with the remake by Tom Cruise... I dun think that the show is any better, just exaggerating certain action scene that's all.. And to my opinion, Cruise knows that the show isn't making the headline so he went and produce the movie sequels himself.. I can't really remember the names of the character in the old version but they seem to be much more obedient and discipline.. Maybe it proves to show that old chaps are much more organized and tolerant to certain things.. The latter version is simply too cocky and complicating..! Stunts are taken out of context, meaning the stunts are sooooo unreal..! Most of the time the movie would have captions of the producer, Ethan Hunt aka Cruise himself..! Duhh!! 

Can anybody remember this show? Misfit of Science... As i recall they are a bunch of teenage (that decade..!) with extraordinaire powers.. One can shrink himself, another has the ability to transmit electric wave and the rest i'm not sure.. This is among the shows that captured my attention during my younger days.. Kinda miss this show.. and hoping that current producers would have the idea to remake this movie with a modern twist.. Yeah! Graphics, effects.. The whole enchilada...! Sure would be cool if they'd decided to do it.. 

Yeah..! U've all seen the latest Knight Rider.. Like the opening paragraph its the KITT and Knight together again.. This time its Michael's son Mike (huh?) and the new upgraded KITT.. Very cool! With new gadget and the program to transform (huh!? again...) itself into Attack Mode or 4WD Mode.. The plot is kinda the same but what caught my attention to this show is the way they design the new KITT.. David Hasselholf eat ur heart out!! Oh ya! If no one knows, Hasselholf plays Michael Knight (again..), dad to Mike Knight... Now, currently this is among the shows i wun miss for the world every Wednesdays (hey! That's tonite!).. 

Right.. Incredible Hulk.. Who's the guy that play him in the 80s.. If i recall correctly, no super impose, no special effect and definitely no graphic effects.. Not even a single computer altered scene in the 80s show.. Just camera playing its role to show how big err.. huge the hulk is.. In real life he's just a plain guy with lotsa muscle.. Now, what i dun understand is the fact that Hollywood produced 2 (yes! TWO) version of Hulk.. With almost the same amount of effect and actor with almost the same look.. I guess they wanna catch the image of David Banner from the 80s show.. But i kinda like the 2nd version of the current remake.. It has less special effect and u kinda get that feel of kind Banner inside Hulk's head.. And u kinda feel his pain when he ran away at the end of the movie.. But, again.. Its a movie while the 80 shows is series on the telly..

Last but not least.. Automan.. What can i say about this show.. Not much! Why? Coz i cant remember who the **** is he and where'd he come from.. And why is he here.. But what i can say is, he's like a computer thingy that goes around as human with the ability to change stuff with his shiny stuff.. Argh! Rambling By Me..! Cool car, cool bike and nice shirts.. Well, that was then..

Now, if u look at all these shows u'd agree with me that it was done in the 80s (a fact!)... And the fact that their 80s show (minus the ones with effects and computer assistance) are much more advance than the ones that we have here currently.. Agree? And the fact that on simple or daring attempt by any producer or director to produce something not Sembilu like wun have the feedback that we'd expect.. And attempts to do movies like Cicakman wud have the comedy element.. I've wrote about this in my previous post.. And still i wanna stand my ground that things have to change, for the gud...! I wonder if they'd do a remake of Airwolf or Blue Thunder..

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