Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mind My Language..

Have u noticed the level of confidence that us Malaysian have..? I mean, we blabber in English when we're FORCED to and the fact that the whole sentence is mix vegetable is amazing! Take me for instance, i blog in English just to polish my speaking and writing ability and still i have alot of grammar error (at least i think so).. But when ur paid to do so, i mean paid to speak or write in English or other language in that sense, u might as well do it properly.. I mean, the whole country is reading or listening to u.. 

Take reporters or translator in this case.. I believe that they have the ability to do it very well.. I mean, when u read the things they wrote its just plain simple English made to make people understand what they're writing and its may sound like complex English.. Ms Tan my lecturer in UiTM and Pn Fauziah my teacher from school told me that using simple plain word and put them together properly would make a perfect sentence with a twist.. Meaning, u can use simple words but the way u put it and arrange ur sentence would make it sound very complex.. 

I was watching telly the other nite and nothing was on, so i had NO CHOICE but to watch this AFV on a local channel.. The show is about funny clips (which was not at all!) from all over The US.. When they run this one clip, the person in the clip yelled DUCK..! So that he's friend would duck or squat or bend down to avoid an incoming thing.. Simple and lame translation would beTUNDUK... BUT!!! The translator from that local channel translated the word to ITIK...! OMG! How the hell did u end up as a translator and how did the producer approved of this...!? haha i was like.. Huh? Did it just say that?! Why la...? Malu nye...! End of that...! I know nothing coz my English is a total mess.. 

So, if u wanna warn someone of an incoming anything.. Just yell ITIK, i guess it means the same.. 

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