Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Full of Soul

* photo & article credit to Berita Harian online

I got a call from One @ Aishah just now asking me to read BH.. So i did.. And there he is, our old friend Sulhi or better known as Soul to his friends. All dressed up in songket (a traditional Malay clothing), they had a photo shoot for their wedding. They look good.. Taking into count that its the last thing he wud wear during our uni years. hehehe a gud fren, loyal listener, a pleasant companion and a damn gud soccer/futsal player.. That's who Soul is.. After reading the article, i decided to call Soul bout this..

Congratulations Sulhi and Tini.. Soul is ending his bachelorhood this month with Tini from Hot FM.. He was a close friend of mine when we were in UiTM together, along with Fedo, Alin, Pela, Rina and Achong.. We used to go karaoke together to celebrate almost everything. After graduating, Soul took his wits and charm to join Hot FM as a trooper where he is now an Event Manager.. Its been a while since our last meet, the whole geng been bugging me for a sesi terapi suara (karaoke) but everyone bz with their own chores and job...

Well, i just wanna say congrats dude! May ur marriage life is filled with joy and understandings. Trust and openness shud be the key to any successful marriage aside from that love and passion u have to offer. All the best in life Soul and Tini..

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