Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

What to do during the 3-day break this weekend? Wanna go somewhere i can loosen up and let myself free while spending time with Elliz and Faleeq.. 


Penang - last time we were there was 3 years ago

Genting - lotsa things to do, but to crowded for infants

Melaka - always love places with historical essence

Bukit Tinggi, Pahang - Nice place to chill and relax in a nice cool ambiance 

Cherating - never been there all my life! Just drive by it on the way to KT

So, anybody got any ideas? For the sake of going somewhere without the hassle of thinking of anything else.. 

4 quickies:

Lady said...

Cherating Cherating Cherating~ best gile..i mean.. i've never been there as well, tapi gambar dia yang paling cantik. n i luv ocean. Boleh? hehe.

Penang tu city, tak best..ko bawak pegi laut la..bebudak leh relax..n d daddy too~

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

Got tired and sick of beaches after OB spirit.. But that beach photo really is tempting, never expected it would be THAT beautiful!!

swit@kon said...

penang! fun. fun. fun. with capital F. ada dvd. ada jeruk. ada historical building. ada batu feringghi. ada makanan yang sedap2. ada banyak benda! me love penang! it's only 4 hrs drive from Putrajaya! g penang beb!

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

huhuhu :(

tak jadi gi memana, bajet lari lak.. anak tak sihat...