Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The World Is Falling Apart

WTH is wrong with the people nowadays! I was browsing thru all my news feed and came across this article. Org susah² ikhtiar nak dapat anak, siap berangkat-angkat lagi.. yg dia main sedap² je buang mcm tu...! Even if ur mad or angry with something or somebody that doesn't give up the right to meddle with another living being, especially human..! Damn u people!!

I guess kids or people, in general are being more and more rude. Especially towards the elder and even to a complete stranger. Especially when ur a malay and ur taught with all kinds of culture and norms, things like THIS dun just happen..! Teaching ur kids some manners may be a bit difficult, but parents dun have to take this kinda considerations to prove a point. I guess i can't say much coz i'm still waiting in line for that time to come.. We're praying that when that time comes, we're up to it and we'll do a hell of a job! Insyallah

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