Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Time Flies So Fast

Time past so fast.. Faleeq is almost 4 months old, exactly in 2 days time. He's grown up so fast. He's now refusing to feed, toss and turn when he asleep and showing signs of crawling.. That's a gud sign for us.. He's been thru flu, fever, constipation and even soar throat.. Yeah! He can't speak yet but he had this hoarse a few weeks back. 

Now Elliz has started her new job in KLSentral and I've been really tight up at work. So, it means less time with him during weekdays. Anyway, we're trying very hard to make up the time loss during the weekend. Refusing to leave him alone and chasing towards him every time he breaks out a cry. We just want the best for him and his future. 

The maid has been doing well so far. A few hick ups here and there but being in HR i guess people are much more work to manage compare to anything else. Just hope that after some time, she will be able to cope with the burden. For me, i am the type that doesn't like to repeat myself. Once i said or advice on something, i hope that it'll be remembered and that thing wud be done as it is told. But, i guess when it comes to foreigners something are not that easily understand. 

We're going back to JB this CNY. Ibu at home is down with a flu, so is the nieces. I guess its a seasonal thing coz i'm having the worse flu of my life. I hope it'll go away soon coz i really need my head centered at work right now.. 

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