Monday, August 2, 2010

Me Age is Getting Me

Moving on from 30s I feel that life is getting the best of me...
  • I sweat like hell when i walk a long period of time
  • I tend to forget where i put stuff
  • Driving at 90 km/h is fast enough for me
  • I think Aerosmith are cool
  • I dunno who Milley Cirus is, huh?
  • I dun care much bout Ben10... What so great bout a kid who can transform shapes? Voltron, Thundercats & MASK rules!!
  • Crowd and noises makes me dizzy
  • I love green and ocean views
  • I look at my son and think how am i as i granddad?
And many more things that makes me think my days are way over.. Can somebody tell me its just an itch... That's all and nothing more

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