Thursday, August 19, 2010


3.30pm from Kerteh town and reached Damansara at 7++ pm, in time for fasting. I wonder how many speed traps did I posed for..

Yes, i was in Kerteh for last 2 days for business. Drove all myself from KL on Tuesday right after my Subuh prayers and reached the site at around 11.00 am. Drenched myself in sweat, with my eyes getting drowsy by the minute... Spent the rest of the day running around and mostly under direct sun.. Went to the hotel to check in and slept till senja.. I had my ikan bakar buka puasa, which was nice and satisfying.. Then went back to the hotel and found myself wide awake..! Luckily TAKEN (please watch this if you have the chance...!) was on StarWorld so decided to catch the movie (again!) until 2am.. Huh? 2am? I have to wake up early and be at the site at 6am....! Deng!!!

Woke up and jumped off the bed at 7am (i didn't even have my sahur)... and rushed to the site where everyone was waiting for me to give que.. Gave them the que to start work from inside the car and stayed there to catch my breath for a while... Then i went around to see how's everything doing.. Went back at the hotel at 11am to sleep a while and checked out at 1pm.. Went back to the site to have a look before going back.

Took off from the site at 3pm, went for keropok browsing and reached KL at 7pm... Nice huh...

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