Friday, August 20, 2010


Did you notice lately that there's been a seriously high number of baby dumping and its reported almost everyday in the major papers (no, not those cheap skate no-news-but-crap tabloid). And we have people and even judiciary bodies that is proposing that these earth scums are treated as murderers..! I say, HELL YEAH!!!!

Try to look at it this way:
  • Yes, maybe during the 'incident' the poor thing was still alive and might've died when he was left there in the sun, rain or even dirt - can we try to approach this as 2nd degree murder (if there's such thing in Malaysia) or manslaughter. Maybe even try attempt murder cause u left the poor thing like that. Its not like it can go walkabout and get himself food or anything!
  • Or yes, he was killed or died in labor - similar to killing a fellow family by taking off the life support machine, its not your call to do so. So, failure to report death is tantamount to something aight?
  • I left him there hoping that somebody would find him and keep him safe - how dumb can a person be?!? argument as per bullet 1
The point is, you're big or adult enough to know how and where to screw but you're so kiddy to understand what's next? I'm not saying or agreeing to pre-marital sex or anything but we've been getting all this arguments and crap (from those who so called knows-much) and what? you've missed all that points?

Take the liberty to see the bigger picture... Don't simply take things or matters into your own hands.. You dumb a**!!!

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