Monday, March 29, 2010

Red Knights

Dah lama aku tak merapu pasal MU kat dalam blog ni.. Lately, the team has been playing really good..

Rooney in one hand is a real smoking guns, Park is maturing really fast and Nani alongside Valencia is really improving their games. Last nite was the 1st time i missed MU's match after quite some time.. We lost to Bayern 1-2 after leading in the 1st half. And the winning goal came in the dying minutes of the game...! How suck can that be?!?

Anyway, we're coming closer to retaining BPL's crown when we meet Chelsheat this weekend. All we have to do is tie with them but i really want us to win.. Coz Chelsheat's fans are sore looser.. Hahaha that does not include my lil brother..
The team seems stronger now.. Ferdinand is at last back with Vidic on the last line, Nani is no more showing off bugger, Park is not as clumsy as he was and Fletcher.. he is just awesome! And last but not least, Rooney.. He's the best player of them all.. Who says we can't do it without CR7? He's missing MU already..!

In the next transfer window.. My WTB and WTS (want to buy/sell) list would be seeing Berba off and getting Eto'o or Villa in with Rooney.. Letting Foster 'wanna go so bad' off and buy us a new goalie coz i dun see Edwin playing much longer with his age and wife in hand.. All i wanna do is hoping that SAF would stay a little more longer.. All the while i've been a MU fan since 1990, i only know Sir Alex Ferguson..
Ok, let's go to other teams...

Liverfool? Benitez is a sure looser.. And he wun stay much longer if he keeps on being pressured. And having Morinho replacing him as manager? Wow..! That i wanna see.. Then comes Wegner, similar to SAF, i dun see how Arsenal could manage without him... That's all into it.. Chelsheat? Anceloti wun last long if they dun win the BPL.. Mancini would be the next city casualty.. Coz they just suck! All the big names and no impact?
The court adjurned.. Nice...!

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