Friday, October 2, 2009

Aidil Fitri 2009

Hari Raya a month what??!?!

There's so much photos that it takes me time to pick which one to post. Yela, its Faleeq's 1st raya at one year old.. Raya fell on the 20th while his birthday fell on 3rd raya, on the 22nd.. His bday photos later..

We went back to JB this year, quite early on Thursday to avoid the horrible traffic. Came back here the week after that.. A whole week in JB..! wow!! Abah was reluctant to let us go coz last year we didn't even went back coz Elliz was in confinement.

This year's theme, apple green or green universally..

Raya morning, normal ritual.. Bermaaf-maafan sesama ahli keluarga.. Too bad nobody took a photo of me and i didn't have the chance to get photos from Angah & Uda... It was a sobby start for Hari Raya.. Off to mosque, then we had our session.. Then, before people start pilling up for the open house we snap our raya family potrait...

My abah & ibu with the grandkids and the whole family together..

My own happy family..
Abah, Ibu & Faleeq

Faleeq's raya faces

Snaps that i gotta take during the raya visits

Anyway, it was good to get to spend time with family like this.. i just wish everyday is hari raya.. Already miss the company of everyone..

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