Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Week In Ramadhan

We are approaching a week of Ramadhan.. 1st 3 days in JB and at home was fine, coz we dun have to think much about what to cook and what to have for sahur.. But for the past 3 days on our own, we had to think hard.. What to buy or what to cook??!?! Well, we did it fine last year.. But this year was abit different. We had the maid in the house (which suppose to make life easy for us.. notice the use of SUPPOSE??) and Faleeq is around this year.. He was with us last year but safely in ibu's tummy and not throwing biscuit at us while we're trying to have dinner..

People at the office are being busy bees.. Promoting their Hari Raya merchandise that is! haha It is quite interesting to see them with their expression trying to impress people about things they bought.. And these stuff mostly are very interesting ones.. And i can't help myself going through them, just for the sake of it..!

This morning after having our sahur, i got an sms from ibu in JB.. It seems that my brother's mother in law is admitted in Hospital Serdang after going into coma.. She went to sleep and never woke up since.. It seems that he veins pop after a sudden blood rush and got stroke.. Angah and family is here now in KL.. Later, Elliz will go back and pickup Faleeq and maid to go and visit Ibu Fara.. I call to all of you readers, lets recite al-Fatihah for her so that she'll be in good condition and get well soon..

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