Thursday, August 27, 2009

Khamis Malam Jumaat

I am here at the office waiting for Elliz to come over so that we can go to the hospital together. I was there during lunch hour and can't stop crying.. But i had to control myself as to be strong for ayah... Eventhough ibu is not my mother in law, but the way they accept us into their family makes me feel like i am one of them. Very warmth and welcoming..

The whole family was there. And ibu was plug in to the life support machine. A simple reply from ayah when i asked how ibu is doing.. Dah takde harapan dah long... Doctor dah tak boleh buat apa..

It seems that she has bleeding in her brain then popped her vein, before that she had a bad headache. Doctors then gave her penenang (what is it in English) and that is when she went into coma. Since 5pm yesterday.. Hospital S dun have a brain surgeon so they sent the x-ray and scan to GH for further advice and people from GH wun take her in coz her condition is at a very late stage. No brain surgeon can do anything bout that.

What frustrate me was i looked for a doc when i was there. and there was no one. When i approach one of them she told me that the doc in charge is not around and that he/she had given her/his explaination to the family earlier. Doc dah panjang lebar cerita tadi so.. Tak sempat dia sambung aku sambung dulu.. Tu tadi, saya keje what do u expect me to do? This is now, i am here now so i wanna here from the doc himself..!! Pedulik apa aku dia citer panjang lebar ke pendek ke apa ke.. I wanna hear it with my own ears and want an explaination why HKL wun take her in.. I wanna know which doc refuse to take her simply with a look at the xray & scan. Ur there and she's here....!

All i'm saying is that people have been wrong before.. and it wun hurt to look further..

Kita ikhtiar.. Usaha.. Rancang...
Tuhan tentukan segala...

May ibu be well soon.. I pray..

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